A Million $ Donation


TEF is thrilled to announce their new partnership with Utah-based company, Stampin’ Up!  Stampin’ Up! is a 23-year-old, multimillion-dollar, direct-sales company that offers an exclusive line of decorative rubber stamp sets and accessories for home décor, greeting cards, craft projects and scrapbooking–that means lots and lots of creative materials and art supplies.

Raelene Allen, from Stampin’ Up!, recently contacted TEF to see if we were interested in a substantial donation of materials for students in TCSD district…and we said YES! This donation is by far the largest donation that TEF has received to date, with a retail value of $1,000,000.  In case you might have misunderstood, that is ONE MILLION DOLLARS!!!

As you can imagine, moving all of these supplies required a significant effort from many, many volunteers and we are so lucky to have some amazing volunteers in Tooele County.  In order to transport the load, we needed a semi-truck, so TATC stepped up and donated both the truck and the driver, Ryan Knudsen, to transport the load.


You can’t move a load without a trailer, so Godfrey Trucking donated a trailer for the materials.



Once the materials arrived in Tooele, we needed a storage facility and a way to unload the trailer so Peterson Industrial Depot donated both a warehouse and a forklift for the job.



The last step was to move thousands of boxes into the warehouse so we recruited some student volunteers…and they came! On Tuesday, over 35 students from Grantsville NHS and Tooele FFA, and their advisors, drove to the warehouse and spent two hours unloading boxes, in the snow.  A busy, but very successful day…and it really does take a village!




TEF is now the proud owner of a $1,000,000 donation from Stampin’ Up!  We are currently in the planning phase of this project and excited for these materials to benefit so many students and teachers in TCSD.

A BIG thank you to Stampin’ Up!, TATC, Godfrey Trucking, Peterson Industrial Depot, and our amazing student volunteers!







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