TEF & Cargill Cares!

2015-08-05 14.03.20

TEF is grateful for our sustaining partner, Cargill!  Cargill has been working to enrich and enhance education in Tooele County for several years now, and as TEF’s largest donor they make a significant difference to students, teachers, and communities.

Cargill recently donated $30,500 to TEF to sustain existing programs and create new ones throughout our district. Here are a few of the TEF programs Cargill supports:

Book Walks at Elementary Schools

Natural History Museum of Utah Field Trips for 4th graders

Trees for Schools Project

Walking Paths & Outdoor Learning

Community Closet Backpacks & School Supplies

cargill check.1Ed Dalton & Kendall Thomas–TEF Staff
Alan Mouritsen–TEF Board
Cargill Employees

In addition to these and other programs, Cargill provides volunteers at several TEF events including NHMU Field Trips and Community Closet.

2015-08-05 14.06.02Cargill Employees at Community Closet 2015

TEF is also proud to have Cargill employee, Matt Potter, as a member of the TEF Board. Matt’s insight and ideas contribute to the success of TEF and our ability to serve the education community in Tooele County.

Matt Potter

Thank you Cargill for all you do to support TEF and students and teachers in Tooele County School District!

*If you are interested in creating a partnership with TEF, please contact Ed Dalton at 435-850-8551.