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One of our favorite things to do at TEF is award scholarships to well-deserving seniors in the Tooele County School District! Currently, we offer many different scholarships and award over $30,000 to more than 30 students. Scholarship applications will be due April 14, 2017. Please give completed applications to counselors or scholarship coordinators at your high school.

FFA 2017 scholarship app packet final – pdf

STEP IT UP scholarship application – 2017

Dalton Donate 4 Life Guidelines 2016-2017 Final

Descendants of Military Veterans Scholarship 2017

Detroit Diesel Skilled Trades and STEM Scholarship – 2017

Go Local Scholarship Guidelines and Application Forms 2016-2017 final

Service Scholarship 2017

Mayor Patrick H. Dunlavy Leadership Scholarship Guidelines Final pdf

DAV scholarships – 2017 final

School and Community Service Scholarship 2016-2017 Final

Skilled Trades and STEM scholarship DD – 2017 final

Shumway Scholarship–Stansbury High School Counseling Center

Betsey Bowen Scholarship–Tooele High School Counseling Center


*Interested in creating a scholarship for Tooele County School District students?  Please contact us at 435-833-1900


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