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One of our favorite things to do at TEF is award scholarships to well-deserving seniors in the Tooele County School District! Currently, we offer many different scholarships and award over $30,000 to more than 30 students. Scholarship applications will be due according to due date on application. Please give completed/secured applications to your respective Counselors or Scholarship Coordinators at your high school (no folders, please).
Dugway High School:

Principal Jeff Wyatt (435) 831-4090

Grantsville High School: Jolynn Peterson (435) 884-4500 x3100

Stansbury High School: Kristin Cavey (435)882-2479 x4420

Tooele High School: Alisha Dangerfield (435) 833-1978 x2110

Wendover High School: Matt Parker (435) 665-2343


2017 – 2018 Tooele Education Foundation Scholarships:
Arthur W. Brothers Technology 2018 – fillable
Barrick Foundation 2017-2018 – fillable

Dalton Donate 4 Life Scholarship 2018 – fillable
DAV scholarships 2018 – fillable
FFA 2017-2018 scholarship – fillable
Jordan Byrd Scholarship 2018 – fillable
Jordon Byrd Silver Star Scholarship 2018 – fillable
Kiwanis Go Local Scholarship 2017-2018 – fillable
Light Your Future Scholarship – All Tech Electric 2018 – fillable
Mayor Patrick Dunlavy Leadership 2017-2018 – fillable
Rotary – Service Above Self 2018 – fillable
Skilled Trades Detroit Diesel – 2018 – fillable
Small Town Big Dreams Scholarship 2018 GHS – fillable
STEP IT UP scholarship application Birch 2018 – fillable
2018 Ott Family go Local Scholarship DHS – fillable
2018 Students in Action American Warriors – fillable

*Interested in creating a scholarship for Tooele County School District students?  Please contact us at 435-833-1900 x1174


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